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    [Autor: Vlad ]

    •Uso de MySql;
    •Listagem de contas, chars, guilds, etc, no Microsoft Excel;
    •Registro pelo Site;
    •Trade, guild, friends;
    •Chat com filtro insensitive;
    •Comandos de chat para falar com guild e friends, whisper, e comandos de gm;
    •Visual equipament online;

    1.5.0 RC - 02/28/2010
    •Database engine was changed to MySql;
    •Rewritten all the communication protocol between server and client (more speed);
    •Started the Global Events method;
    •Added Global Clock (Day and Night System);
    •Removed points to distribute when create a new character;
    •Fixed minor bugs;
    •Using Ruby 1.8.7-p249 on this server files;
    1.1.1 - 12/30/2009
    •Added Day and Night system;
    •Fixed ABS bug;
    •Fixed PM bug;
    •Fixed minor bugs;
    •Using Ruby 1.8.6-p383 on the server files;
    Beta 1.10 – 12/23/2009
    •Added Multi-languages option to server;
    •Added NetABS RC
    •Hud Remade, the new one causes much less lag;
    •Removed PVP (it will be added again later);
    •Fixed ABS between error;
    •Fixed undefined ‘[]’ for nil class;
    •Friends Window finished;
    •Added PM system;
    •Enhanced Skills Categories;
    •Some codes rewritten;
    •Fixed minor bug;
    •Server window 70% rewritten;
    •Enhanced admin panel on server side;
    •Removed ‘Config’ script, now the things are configured on server side;
    •Added Client Launcher;
    Beta 1.0.9 – 10/09/2009
    •Added Auto-Updater;
    •Added + options to vocab;
    •Added system icons;
    •Added character managment on server window;
    •Added Neoncube launcher to client;
    •Added Visual Equipmen based on gender;
    •Fixed uninitalized constant Config::Shop_Sell_Divide;
    •Fixed a little bug of create character window (not finished);
    •Fixed “Select Characters” button;
    •Fixed minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.8 – 10/02/2009
    •Fixed register password and email issues;
    •WFixed Walk when click on text bar of chat window;
    •Addded some configurations by server side;
    •Fixed “undefined method ‘>’ for nil:NilClass”;
    •Fixed shop shop sell items price;
    •Fixed actor parametters;
    •Fixed mouse cursor on monsters after kill then;
    •Chat code enhanced;
    •Fixed characters names on head don’t appear sometimes;
    •Added options window;
    •Fixes minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.7 – 09/26/2009
    •Started Quest System (Beta Stage yet);
    •Widgets updated to 2.0;
    •Actor creations fixed;
    •Visual equip fixed;
    •Online players don't appear sometimes fixed;
    •Sistem Color.png error fixed;
    •Chat box enhanced (Now with scrollbar);
    •Moused based abs beta;
    •Path finding beta;
    •Fixes minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.6 – 09/23/2009
    •Fixed check_value error;
    •Fixed Hud Hotkeys and Character Status;
    •Fixed chat on all map;
    •Added option to choose the shop items price (the value that items price is divided);
    •Fixed two sword styles actor and window equip;
    •Fixed GM commands (/kick x, /suspend x, /ban x where x = player’s name);
    •Fixed character creation;
    •Fixed other minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.5 – 09/19/2009
    •Added Self Switches Control (Need new database);
    •Added Texts to Hud HP, MP and EXP;
    •Added Amount Box to Trade;
    •Amount box not needed if your item number <= 1;
    •Fixed Armors sprites above events;
    •Fixed minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.4 – 09/18/2009
    •Added faces (must change the Database.sdf to new);
    •Added Amount window to shop, inventory and warehouse;
    •Fixed don’t save actor graphics when it changes;
    •Fixed some bugs of In-game registration;
    •Added Anti Sql-Injection on php registration;
    •Fixed Vocab errors;
    •Added easy setup-class creation;
    •Added scrollbars for shop, inventory and trade window;
    •Fixed more minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.3 – 09/17/2009
    •Fixed Message Window;
    •Fixed armors on trade window;
    •Fixed Network players movement;
    •Added Register In-game;
    •Fixed php registration page;
    •Fixed another equipments kinds (Boots, Gloves, Cape and Necklace);
    •Added guide to change equips sprites and kinds;
    •Fixed minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.2 – 09/15/2009
    •Fixed Visual Equipment;
    •Fixed windows don’t close when walk;
    •Fixed Guild error;
    •Fixed close chat box when press X and cast skills and items when type;
    •Added message balloon;
    •Added 1st part of PVP (can attack with weapons);
    •Added Safe Areas to ABS (Areas where player will respawn when dies);
    •Fixed minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.1 – 09-14/2009
    •Fixed Message Window don’t appear;
    •Fixed warehouse withdraw item disappear;
    •Fixed teleport and player on map don’t disappear;
    •Fixed Emotions;
    •Fixed Game Over (Vampyr Net ABS start being build);
    •Fixed some other minor bugs;

    Beta 1.0.0 – 09/13/2009
    •Server uses now, SQL Compact Edition;
    •Server can generate a list of Accounts, characters, Guilds, etc in Microsoft Excel;
    •Creation and exclusion of chars (5 chars per account);
    •Switches and Variables save in Database;
    •Guild System (Creation is based on Mu guild system);
    •Trade system;
    •Warehouse system;
    •IP blocker;
    •Admin can talk with players using the server window;
    •Visual Equipment with online support;
    •Block and Suspense system (Block is undefined days, Suspense is one week);
    •Font color of chat and display name of GM and Admin is different of the others players;
    •GM and Admin chat commands:
    •Chat with case insensitive filter;
    •Widgets (Windows enhancements identical to Windows Vista);
    •Chat multi-colors (for Guild talk, whisper, friends talk, scream, etc…)
    •Path Finding
    •Skills window with separator of kinds of skills;
    •Chat with filer case insensitive;
    •Points distributions when level-up;
    •Max level 999;
    •Visual Equipment with online support and kinds of 8 equipments;

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