[ENGINE] RPG Maker 2003: Resident Evil: Starter Pack


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    [ENGINE] RPG Maker 2003: Resident Evil: Starter Pack

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    Author: Xfixium
    Dev Tool: RPG Maker 2003
    Language: English
    Game Size: 5.16 MB
    Version: 1.05
    Download: Resident Evil: RM2K3 Starter Pack



    An RPG Maker 2003 Resident Evil menu and chest system. This will allow the user to focus more on the design of the game than dealing with all the scripting involved with the menu systems. Or, at least that's the idea.

    Version 1.0 Items:

    Currently there are 121 items available for use in the starter pack.
    A working Menu System
    A working Chest System

    Version 1.01 Updates:

    Fully commented more of the scripts
    Changed the grenade round's color to green instead of grey for equipped Granade Launcher
    Fixed the Mine Thrower equipped menu picture from not erasing
    Fixed a misplaced Hand Gun picture reference
    Fixed the command window selection interface from not looping
    Fixed some lag issues
    Minor chest menu picture edit

    Version 1.02 Updates:

    Fixed hand gun not equipping
    Fixed Gatling gun ammo problem in item chest

    Version 1.03 Updates:

    Fixed Knife graphic problem
    Fixed Hand Gun Ammo problem
    Changed Grenade Rounds color to green for ammo depot

    Version 1.04 Updates:

    Fixed health meter from not refreshing fast enough
    Added fireplace event to starter pack to test health meter

    Version 1.05 Updates:

    Fixed major lag issue with item chest


    0 = Menu System

    Update November 24, 2005:

    Nothing really planned for this lil number. I was thinking of adding a shooting system and some zombies, but that's a way off from happening.

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